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This seven foot tall Communion Chalice is a graphic design MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames.


———— ROUSEings™ ————
by Graham Rouse


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A CUP OF FAITH  –  Easter is here and many people around the world will reaffirm their Christian faith by drinking from a cup and eating from bread that represents the blood and the body of Christ.  That act reminds them of their belief that God was willing to sacrifice the blood and body of his only son for them.  It suggests, in turn, that they should be willing to sacrifice their blood and bodies for their god and their fellow men.
A DRINK OF RELIGION  –  Christians are not the only ones with such a relationship with their god. Many religions acknowledge acts by some higher power that benefit them.  These same religions expect their followers to act accordingly in response to the teachings and other guides associated with their faith.
As individuals, we certainly want to affirm our faith by the way we live whether that faith be based in religion, science or some basis that is uniquely our own.
A THIRST FOR EXPRESSION  –   As balloon artists and entrepreneurs we have media and skills at our disposal to further express our faith. It will behoove us to do so.
At the same time, when we accept a commission from someone of a different faith, we take on the possibility and the responsibility to give expression to their faith.  How can we as balloon artists help them to reinforce and celebrate their beliefs and their way of life.?
UNDERSTANDING THE CUSTOMER  –  We may know a little about the lifestyle and faith of our customers, and on many occasions, that may be enough. Other times, it may be important to dig a little deeper.
  • A CUP OF WOOD  –  One customer may want to give emphasis to the humble life of Jesus and his work as a carpenter.  He may visualize a wooden cup as an appropriate symbol for the Eucharist
  • A CUP OF STEEL  –  Another customer may think it is more important to remind participants that the 2,000 year old story is still relevant today by suggesting a modern stainless steel or anodized aluminum vessel to carry the message.
  • A CUP OF CRYSTAL AND JEWELS  –   Yet another may want to focus attention on the glory to come from accepting God’s gift and dedicating one’s own life to serving Him.  The sparkling light reflected in a chalice of crystal and jewels may better serve his vision.

CONSIDERING YOUR OPTIONS  –  Once you have a deeper understanding of your customer then you will have more options to consider.

  • A CUP OF WOOD  –  What about using brown balloons that you have intentionally oxidized to suggest ancient wood.  Maybe you add black lines made with puffed, but not inflated long balloons to suggest cracks. Maybe you add lines of red to suggest the wine/ blood.
  • A CUP OF STEEL  –  You might use metallic or chrome finished balloons.  Some metallic paints can work. Others have solvents that can pop balloons.
  • A CUP OF CRYSTAL AND JEWELS  –   Our photo above provides a starting example for you. Clear balloons and jewel-tone balloons are translucent and sparkle well in the light. Single layers of balloons are especially useful for this effect.  Rouse Matrix™ is used in this example for single layer framing.  RMS™ works especially well and can be cut easily with scissors into custom shapes.



I hope that

  • when all is done
  • the stage is set
  • the ceremony has begun and
  • the participants rest their eyes upon your display;

they will think to themselves

  • “Yes, this is in harmony with my faith.”
  • “Yes, this affirms the life I want to live.”
  • “Yes, I Will Drink From This Cup”  MadeWithBalloons.


Thanks for joining me for ROUSEings™.  Do return for more 
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Graham Rouse
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