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Just like this USA flag, balloon flags of every nation can be made easier, faster and stronger when you “Just Rouse It”



This USA flag, like the flags of nations around the world, can be made easier, faster and stronger by using Rouse Original Tools and Techniques.  The added efficiency means you have more time to invest in the details that make the quality of your balloon art better.  It also means that you save on man hours so your overall costs go down .  These are great ways to advance your balloon art and business when you “Just Rouse It”.

Here are two of the patented, Rouse Original Technologies that can help make it happen.:



The first technology to use is Rouse Expand AndLoad™ balloon frames (Rouse Matrix™). This single layer approach to balloon graphics takes half the balloons and less than half the time of standard “precision wall” techniques. RMS™ also gives you a balloon frame that costs less, weighs less and takes up much less storage space than other single layer grid frames.


(B)  R.A.A.D.ical  BALLOON ART

The second technology to use is Rouse Advanced Aperture Display (RAAD) technology. It works with all balloon frames that hold balloons in openings. The patented RAAD technology applies when you

  • Use something other than “balloon squeeze” (*see footnote#2) to hold the balloons in the frame or
  • Use something else in addition to “balloon squeeze” (*see footnote #2) to hold the balloons in the frame.

There are many “RAADical” options available, but here are just two to get you started:

  1. Treat the balloon frame and /or the balloon to make the two grip each other better. For instance, Rouse Matrix balloon frames already have an added coat of tacky adhesive to help hold balloons in place without permanently bonding the balloons to the frame.
  2. “ROUSE SPEED GRAPHICS”  –  Use double ended balloons and tie them together end to end to make strings of balloons like strings of pearls.
      • Make one string for each of the 13 rows of balloons in the USA flag. Mark which end of the string is the starting end and give it a row number. It is much easier to plan and prepare 13 rows rows of nineteen or twenty balloons than it is to plan and prepare two hundred fifty four single balloons and keep them straight for loading into the frame.
      • Roll each balloon of the string into an adjacent aperture (opening). Each balloon helps to hold the adjacent two balloons in place. Plus, this approach makes it faster to arrange balloons since you connect two each time you tie.
      • Being connected makes it easier and faster to load balloons.   You do not reach for balloons as many times and the next balloon is right at your fingertips for loading into the next opening.
      • Also, as you roll balloons into place, you have an additional aid in determining when you have the balloon centered in the opening. Once the knot between balloons hits the strap you know you are very close to centering the balloon.
      • The combination of all these benefits makes it possible to achieve extraordinary speeds.  The  example in the video below is exceptional, but  it is common to double, triple or even quadruple your normal speed for loading balloons compared to other techniques.

Not only do you gain all these speed advantages, but with each balloon tied to the adjacent two balloons you have extra anchors to hold balloons in place.  The whole balloon display is more secure when you “Just Rouse It” with Rouse Speed Graphics.


USA  12' balloon flag made with Rouse Matrix Expand-And-Load balloon frame

TIP:  If you curve your balloon display, whether it be a 12′ flag of the USA as shown here or something else,  the curve will make the display stiffer and stronger.




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(1) Rouse Original Technologies featured here are patented in the USA and require the use of Rouse Authorized Components. Generally, this means the using Rouse authorized frames, Rouse authorized balloons and Rouse authorized accessories for the project. Currently (September 18, 2012) there are no restrictions on balloons or accessories. But, Rouse authorized balloon frames (Rouse Matrix Systems products and GRIDZ products) are required for the technologies featured in this article. This is subject to change. Return to this site for notices of changes in requirements.

(2) “Balloon Squeeze” refers here to balloons being held within a surrounding frame exclusively by the pneumatic pressure of the balloon expanding outward against the frame.



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