Center section from Under the Sea themed balloon backdrop wall by Adriana Sedlak for classes at Ideias Gigantis in Brazil. Visit original post.

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Brazilian balloon artist, Adriana Sedlak, chose both square grids and hexagon (honeycomb) grids for her under the sea scene above and below. It was produced recently with the help of students in her class at the Ideias Gigantes balloon convention in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Rouse Matrix™ (or a Brazilian copy) often shows up in her classes and work in the form of custom shaped designs. In this project you see custom shapes like the dolphin, whale, mermaid, anchor and fish made with RMS™.

It is easy and cost effective to sketch out a design on honeycomb graph paper. Follow your sketch design when you load balloons into the honeycomb grid. Use scissors to cut away the extra Matrix around your design. That is not so easy and inexpensive to do with stiff plastic or rigid metal frames.

See the process illustrated and animated in this article: HOW TO CREATE A CUSTOM SHAPED LOGO MadeWithBalloons™ – IT’S EASY AS (1), (2), (3).

The triple axis of the hexagon grid (versus two for the square grid) also make it easier to get the smooth curve of the dolphin’s back and the flow of the mermaid’s hair.

Adriana makes effective use of square grids for the background. The change in grid pattern helps to make the honeycomb based figures in front stand out. And, the switch in frames gives students a more diverse experience at the same time.

It is not clear to me from the photos whether the background is made with stiff plastic squares, wire grids or copies of the Rouse REAL GRIDZ Soft Pak™ frames. Any of the three would work well here.

A third layer of texture and diversity shows up in details throughout the project..


Under the Sea themed balloon backdrop wall by Adriana Sedlak for classes at Ideias Gigantis in Brazil. Visit original post.

Life preservers, starfish, crabs, seaweed and other twisted tidbits add to this colorful and lively undersea environment.

Congratulations Adriana Sedlak and to your students. It is a job well done!

Learn alternate tools and skills for building balloon walls, backdrops and graphics of your own at RouseED™ #BalloonGrids™ Seminars: The alternatives for both square and hexagon grids are especially SIMPLE, EASY, STRONG, FAST.


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