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Two guitars MadeWithBalloons and REAL (Rouse-Expand-And-Load) RMS balloon grid frames by Tony Sellars

Double Layer designs cut from Rouse Matrix™ Banner panels give twice the volume and 20 times the strength of single layer construction.   —-    It is easy to repeat the shape and change colors to add variety to your event decorations MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™   —   Go to blue guitar.   —   Go to orange guitar.


"Just Rouse It" logo - icon with purpe boarder & f2f7fc corners

and Rouse Matrix™


These balloon guitars produced by Tony Sellars of Party Fiesta Balloon Decor in San Jose, CA, USA did a fine job of celebrating national guitar week. Congratulations Tony!

They are also fine examples of

  • (1)  How you can make your own custom shapes with RMS™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames
  • (2)  How you can make use of patented Rouse Double Layer techniques with RMS to add volume and strength to your balloon sculpture
  • (3)  How you can use the extra space created between layers to hold and conceal additional elements in your design.
  • .

For more information on making your own shapes, visit this article: HOW TO CREATE A CUSTOM SHAPED LOGO MadeWithBalloons™


For more information on making balloon shapes with the patented Rouse Double Layer “STRONG” technique watch the short video below.



For  insight on using the space between layers of balloons just note the black pole that goes from up between the two layers of the orange guitar above. It is a simple matter to slide support poles or other thin elements between layers.



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