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“WELCOME TO “JustRouseIt'” — This illustration depicts a graphic “MadeWithBalloons” based on Rouse Original and patented techniques called “RouseAAD” (Advanced Aperture Displays). Read more about the illustration, about RAAD and about how they can help advance your balloon art and business in the PostScript at the end of this article.

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“Advance your balloon art and business
with Rouse Original Tools & Techniques
for  your success MadeWithBalloons.”



WELCOME TO “JustRouseIt™”

1.  We teach, supply and support you with Rouse Original Tools & Techniques from Rouse Creative Suites™ sets of APPS™ for your success MadeWithBalloons™.

2.  We keep our galleries growing to help you visualize the possibilities.

3.  We keep the articles coming to help you learn by example.

4. We keep adding links to help you reach more resources.

5. We keep responding to your comments, questions and suggestions to help you maintain your continued progress.

YOU WILL move your balloon art and business forward toward the success you want when you incorporate Rouse Original Tools & Techniques appropriately; in other words when you “JustRouseIt”.



Whet your appetite for greater balloon art and business success. Visit our galleries to see great ideas for everyday use and for use on those very special occasions when

This is a sample of pictures in Rouse Matrix Galleries

you want to pull out all the stops and want to really WOW your customers.




This "Flying Witch" mural MadeWithBalloons uses Rouse Matrix Expand-and-Load balloon frames and other Rouse Original Technologies.


These articles focus on particular Rouse Original Tools & Techniques and describe a variety of ways you may use them to advance your balloon art and business. (Here is a brief introduction to two “JRI” Technologies in an example graphic MadeWithBalloons for Halloween.)





"Welcome To 'JustRouseIt'" Illustration MadeWithBalloons using  RouseAAD patented techniques.

These articles focus on projects and tasks where  Rouse Original Tools & Techniques are already in use and describe the benefits that could be yours when you use them in similar ways.  (See “POSTSCRIPT  “EXAMPLE #1” at the end of this article.)




Gold Dome made of 18" film balloons stuck together with special order 2 sided foam tapeThese articles focus on projects and tasks that do not include Rouse Original Tools & Techniques but that could benefit from them.  These articles describe how “JustRouseIt” technologies might be applied to them in the future , the benefits to be gained and how you can use what you learn to advance your balloon art and business. (See “MAKE IT EVEN BETTER – GOLD DOME”. )



Do join us often to get the most out of this presentation of 30+ years of world class innovation. You WILL advance your balloon art and business toward your succeess when you “JustRouseIt”.

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"Welcome To 'JustRouseIt'" Illustration MadeWithBalloons using  RouseAAD patented techniques.

“Welcome To ‘JustRouseIt'”

The “Welcome To ‘JustRouseIt'” illustration depicts a balloon graphic “MadeWithBalloons” using a “RouseAAD” (Rouse Advanced Aperture Displays) patented technique.

In this case, strings of twisted bubbles from # 260 balloons are inserted into openings in a square grid. The technique and the patent apply to any configuration of grid openings and any strings of inflated chambers.

Stringing bubbles together (in this case) or stringing balloons together (in other cases) makes it easier, faster and more secure when loading balloons into a grid.  That is a clear advancement over more difficult, slower and less secure systems that load single balloons into openings.

Just be sure to use only Rouse Authorized Components in order to honor USA patents and avoid patent infringement liabilities. Check current  Rouse Authorized Components at http://justrouseit.com/rac .

The black lines are made as overlays.  This illustration shows long lines made with black, foam tape, but you could achieve similar results with long balloons like # 350, #260 and #160 balloons that have been “puffed” (that is filled with air without stretching the balloon) rather than fully inflating them.

The various sizes of long balloons give you different line widths.  You may simply glue them into place if you like.  It usually helps, however, to insert chenille sticks (pipe cleaners)  or wire inside the long balloons to help them take on and hold the shape you like.

Neither approach to making the overlay lines is independently patented even though Graham Rouse is the originator (1983) of the inside-out approach of “inserting structures inside balloons in order to shape them”. (You may learn more about this inside-out approach and the early work of Graham Rouse, Ken Fetgatter and Gary Wells in developing and promoting this approach in this article on Making It With Balloons Network: FANTASY FLOWERS – The Beginning Of “RIBS” For Balloon Sculpture

If you would like to learn more about this inside-out approach that we call “RIBS” or more about RouseAAD techniques then mention that in the “Leave a Reply” section below or write me directly at JustRouseIt@gmail.com

Thanks again for joining me here.  Do come again.


Graham Rouse
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