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“Use our technology appropriately and
Advance Your Balloon Art And Business.”




Rouse Original Technologies contribute significantly to a broad spectrum of Balloon Arts, but when it comes to working with grid frames for balloons;



(1)  WE HAVE: More balloon grid frames

  • In more grid patterns
  • In more sizes
  • In more shapes
  • In more compact forms

Than anyone else in the world



  • More easily stored
  • More easily shipped
  • More easily carried
  • More easily trimmed
  • More easily sculpted

Than any others in the world.


(3)  WE HAVE: More original and proprietary technologies

  • That work with our balloon grid frames
  • That work with everyone else’s balloon grid frames
  • That work in more grid patterns
  • That work in more grid sizes
  • That work in more grid shapes
  • That work in more grid materials
  • That work with more balloon brands
  • That work with more balloon sizes
  • That work with more balloon shapes
  • That work with more balloon types

Than anyone else in the world


(4)  OUR TECHNOLOGIES: in their various applications, make using grid frames with balloons

  • Simpler
  • Easier
  • Faster
  • More secure
  • More versatile
  • More diverse
  • Longer lasting

Than any other related proprietary technologies in the world.



In fact, we make you this promise:

If you use our Rouse It Original Balloon Technologies appropriately with your balloon grid displays you WILL advance your balloon art and business!

  • No matter who you are
  • No matter where you live
  • No matter the brand of balloons
  • No matter the pattern of the grid
  • No matter how elaborate the graphic
  • No matter the size of the sculpture
  • No matter how wild the decoration


Info-graphic promising that customers who use Rouse Original Technologies appropriately with their balloon grid displays will advance their balloon art and business



We have made a bold promise to you. We ask you to make a promise to us.

Give Us Our Due:

1.  Give us credit for our technology no matter where you are in the world. Our patents are for the USA and related territories, but as these tools and techniques spread they will reach every corner of the balloon industry around the world. Let people know where they came from and send them back to us for more.

2.  Give us a chance to earn your business. Outside the USA and territories, you have the right to make or purchase copies of our originals, but try ours first and try the newer, improved versions from us as they come out. We are the innovators that made them. We are the innovators that keep improving them.  We have a ten to twenty year head start on everyone else and we intend to stay ahead.

Join us here and at other related sites so you can keep up to date and access the very latest and most useful developments


3.  Respect our intellectual property rights. In the USA and territories where USA patents apply, use only Rouse authorized components with our technologies or secure an official license to make, sell or use other components with our technologies.

We have five patents so far. We have years of work and a lot of money spent developing the technology for each of them. Each of them took more than eight years from conception to patent. One took 13 years in the patent office alone.  I know that if you have a business in which you have invested years of work and a lot of money, you will be upset if someone rips it off. So will we.

Let us earn a return on our investment.  Let us reinvest in more of those new tools and techniques that we invent, so we can do even more to advance your balloon art and business. Don’t force us to spend money on legal actions that can be very messy, expensive and distracting for all who are involved. Everyone stands to benefit from the more respectful approach.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Thanks for our interest, your cooperation and for joining me here today. Do share your comments with us and share us with your friends. Remind each of them to,  “‘Just Rouse It’ to advance your balloon art and business.”

Graham Rouse
Just Rouse It Blog

copyright 2012 G. Rouse


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