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PLAY ME A TUNE MadeWithBalloons™

Two guitars MadeWithBalloons and REAL (Rouse-Expand-And-Load) RMS balloon grid frames by Tony Sellars

. PLAY ME A TUNE  MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ . These balloon guitars produced by Tony Sellars of Party Fiesta Balloon Decor in San Jose, CA, USA did a fine job of celebrating national guitar week. Congratulations Tony! They are also fine examples of (1)  How you can make your own custom shapes with RMS™ Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames …

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Cover illustration for RouseABOUT Your Success™ newsletter showing a balloon flower growing under harsh conditions

MY  NOMINEES The last 1/3 century has brought many innovations that help us “Blossom And Grow With Balloons”. My nominees for the best 4 are Rouse original innovations that belong in the tool box and skill set of every balloon professional.. Check them out. Then put them to work for you. They are guaranteed to help …

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"CLIMB HIGHER!" For Your Success MadeWithBalloons™

"Climb Higher" RouseABOUT cover illustration

“CLIMB HIGHER !” For Your Success MadeWithBalloons™  I love this original balloon creation from Guido Verhoef and Micha De Haan.  It reminds me to keep climbing toward my balloon goals. It reminds me also that my life adventure and my success are to be found more in the climb than in the clouds at the top. …

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"GO CALVIN !!! !" You Have A Future In Balloons!

"GO CALVIN!" RouseABOUT cover design

This is one of my favorite cartoons.  It tells the story of the vast majority of balloon professionals. Most of us  started out flying something else and later switched to or simply added balloons.    No matter where you started out, we welcome you to this family of balloon enthusiasts and balloon professionals. We are glad you looked …

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