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WORLD FLAGS MadeWithBalloons™ For Profit & Practice

“FLAGS ARE A NATURAL WITH RMS™.”  by Mary Queen Rouse Flags MadeWithBalloons™ are a great way to work on your RMS balloon graphic design skills, to improve those skills and to enhance your balloon decorating profits.  Many flag designs are straight forward and quite simple. Customers love flags. A flag makes customers feel as if …

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WHAT A KICK! MadeWithBalloons™

Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ donkey infographic

Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ shapes like this donkey are easy and fun. You can even imagine them coming alive to play. You’ll get a KICK! out of it. Make your own donkey with balloons and an RMS™ Donkey frame from Check out dozens of other fun shapes you can make with balloons .   ——————————————————————————— YOU MAY ALSO …

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REAL™ icon for Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load™ Balloon frame technology

SHOPPING CENTER SWIRL MadeWithBalloons™ This giant swirl was a marvelous design when we built it quite some years ago for North Hills Shopping Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. I think it is still a great concept. It produces sculptured bands of swirling color in the air. And, it does it with more variety of …

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Pyramid in Australia MadeWithBalloons and Rouse Matrix™ Expand-And-Load balloon frames

. PYRAMID IN THE SOUTH MadeWithBalloons™ This pyramid got pushed so far south that it ended up in Australia. That is a long way from Egypt. But, it was very well received. Rouse Matrix™ Builders were used to hold the balloons in place. And, despite the appearance of the double-ended balloons in the camel and …

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"Four Sketches For Spring" MadeWithBalloons™ and Rouse Matrix™ Banner Expand-And-Load™ balloon frames

. FOUR SKETCHES FOR SPRING MadeWithBalloons™ I really enjoy making those big, awesome,. #BalloonGrids walls and backdrops. Much of the time, however, they can be an extravagance that is unnecessary to meet your customer’s needs. Sometimes the theme can be stated and the mood set for the event  with much smaller pieces. We have four examples …

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